Time management

Take a look at the time schedule for the Brown’s single-family home. Explanations of the various schedule features will open as you drag the mouse across the chart.

Bauzeitenplantradeexecuting companyanticipated durationactual durationdurationsuspended workdurationdurationdurationmilestonedurationsuspended workdurationdurationdurationdurationsuspended workdurationdurationmilestonesuspended workdurationdurationmilestonesuspended workdurationdurationdurationmilestonedurationmilestonedurationbuffer

Now fill the correct prepositions into the gaps.

The construction work for the Brown single family home is due to start week 30. The main contractor, John White, will be on site a total of 8 weeks. Their work has to be completed 14 September in order to allow enough time for the other trades. The joiner Williams is due to start work 3 September. Once he has fitted the windows, he will be off site 17 September 29 October. The companies Frazer and T + P will also suspend their work 3 weeks while the plastering and screeding work is being carried out. It is absolutely essential that the screeder finishes 9 October in order to allow the screed to dry sufficiently before the oak-strip parquet flooring is installed. The painters should be out the end of week 44. However, there is a buffer of 5 days for overruns and remedial work.

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