Test to learning module

The test to the learning module has been opened in a new window. You can answer the questions in that window and refer back to the learning module in this window.

You do not have to open the test window again after referring back to the learning module. You can simply move between the two open windows by pressing "Alt" and "Tab" at the same time.

Please note:

  • If you click "Test" again, a new window with a new test opens, which may not contain the answers you have already entered. In this case, close the new window and finish the original test.
  • If a new window doesn’t open, your browser may have prevented it from opening (pop-up blocker; if you do not know how to deactivate the pop-up-blocker, please phone our hotline), or your browser may have opened the window behind the current screen, e.g. because you clicked this window and thus brought it to the front of the screen.

Attention: Sometimes more than one pop-up blocker is installed.

  1. Browser’s pop-up blocker
    In the case of Firefox, disable the pop-up blocker by going to Tools in the menu bar, in the case of Internet Explorer go to Extras.
  2. Google-Toolbar
    The Google toolbar is installed on most browsers. Amongst the items in this toolbar, there’s a button which says site pop-ups allowed or # blocked. These settings can be changed with the left mouse button.
  3. Anti-virus and fire wall programs
    A pop-up blocker is installed on most anti-virus and firewall programs. In this case, please read the instructions carefully.

Most pop-up blockers do not have to be completely disabled; you can simply add geweb.de to the list of allowed sites.

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