Project presentation

Tim Smith meets George Brown together with the rest of the planning team to present the final design of the single-family home. A few changes have been made since the last meeting. The aim of this meeting is to get the client’s approval so that the architect and his team can move on to the next phase and start preparing the building application drawings to obtain consent.

Tim: Good morning everybody,
It’s nice to be here with you again today. I think we’re nearly there, and if there are no major alterations to be made, we’ll be able to submit the planning application next week.

But before we start talking about business matters, let me talk you through the design. First of all I’m going to take you through the various floors, beginning on the ground floor, and then we’ll look at the sections and the elevations.

Let’s begin at the main entrance. You enter the building here and step into a large hall. Here you can see that the hall functions as both a distributor and as a separator. On the ground floor it separates the kitchen, dining and living area from the office, and on the first floor it separates the adult area from the children’s area.
Now let’s take a look at the stairs. This set takes you up to the first floor. The stairs to the cellar are behind this door.

Finally, the bedrooms on the first floor. The master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe is situated above the office. The children’s bedrooms are arranged in a row above the living and dining area.

If you take a look at the cross section, you’ll see that the single pitched roof rises towards the garden, which emphasises the open character of the facade. The overhang of the roof is approximately 1m offering some structural shading to the sunny side of the house. As you can see here, the overhang is less on the north facade allowing as much light as possible to penetrate through the small windows.

We’ll now move onto the elevations. All bedrooms and living areas face southwest. Large windows with movable shutters look out onto the garden. All other facades, especially the north and east facing, are closed except for a few small windows.

So, I’ve completed the little tour of the house. I think you can see that it is a very clear design. I know you envisioned a private adult area on a separate storey, however, the extra height would be very difficult to manage on this particular site. Nevertheless, I think we have succeeded in offering clearly separated parent and children zones by adding the spacious hall on the first floor.

Well, I hope the proposal meets your expectations. Have you got any questions regarding any aspects of the house?

George: So, what about our utility room or larder next to the kitchen?

Tim: Ah, yes. I thought you might ask. The ground floor simply doesn’t offer space close to the kitchen without totally changing the layout. What we have planned is a large kitchen and close access to the cellar. On the first floor there is a utility room next to the bathroom for storage or washing. I hope you’ll be able to warm to this idea. So, if there are no further questions, let’s move onto the costs and timing.

Listen again. Then match the English and German vocabulary.

a) utility room Fensterladen
b) envision am Schlafzimmer angrenzendes Bad
c) shutter Haushaltsraum
d) larder Speisekammer
e) hall vorschweben
f) distributor begehbarer Kleiderschrank
g) en-suite bathroom Verteiler
h) walk-in wardrobe geräumig
i) overhang Flur
j) spacious Dachauskragung

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