Descriptive terminology

Before going into too much detail about the shape and size of the possible house, it might be a good idea to refresh vocabulary.

Take a look at following three sections to become familiar with the English terminology.

Drag the mouse across the following picture to find out the names of the different geometrical shapes.

Formencubetrianglespherepentagonsquaretetrahedronhexagontrapeziumcircletriangular prismoctagoncuboidconerectanglepyramidellipsecylinder

Enter the following words into the sentences below.

curved · acute · perimeter ·flat · obtuse · hollow · right · solid · circumference ·diameter · radius

1. a is an angle; ß is an angle; γ is a angle
2. AC is the of the circle; AB is the ;the total lenght of the circular line is called .
3.The outline of a rectangle is called .
4. Surface A of the cylinder is ; surface B is .
5. A block of wood is ; a tube is .

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