Site visit

A site visit at the beginning of each project is absolutely essential to understand the full scope of the job. It is a fundamental part of a feasibility study and all persons involved should participate.

Listen to the following conversation that is taking place on the client’s plot of land and meet the project participants: Tim Smith the architect and George and Helen Brown the client.

George: Hello, you must be Tim Smith, the architect.

Tim: Yes, that’s right.

George: I’m George and this is my wife, Helen.

Helen: Hello.

Tim: Hello, pleased to meet you.

George: So this is the piece of land we inherited last year. We’ve spent quite a long time thinking about it, but we’ve decided we’d like to build a house and move to this part of the town.

Tim: Well, it’s a wonderful location, isn’t it? And the plot is an adequate size, too.

George: Yes, we think it should be big enough for a small house leaving a bit of garden.

Tim: I presume there won’t be a problem obtaining planning permission.

George: No, I don’t think so. We’re not sure how far back we can build or how close to the neighbours, but surely that isn’t a problem to find out.

Tim: No, not at all. The local authority will be able to provide all the necessary information. So, what is it you actually have in mind?

Helen: Well, we’re thinking of something quite normal really. Living, dining, kitchen on the ground floor; the bedrooms, we’ll be needing two for the children and one for us, maybe an extra guest bedroom, upstairs. I’d love either a cellar or a utility area to take care of all the technical equipment and offering storage facilities; oh, and of course, we’ll need a garage.

Tim: Okay, I’ve made a note of all of that. Have you got an idea how many square meters you’re looking at?

Helen: The house we’re living in at the moment is a 4-bedroom semi. It would be great to have a bit more space.

George: I suppose we’re thinking of something between 150 and 200 sqm. But of course a lot depends on the costs.

Tim: Yes, I can understand that. I’ll tell you what. Let me speak to the local authority, take some measurements of the site and I’ll get back to you in a week or two with some first ideas and thoughts.

George: That sounds wonderful. I’ll give you my card so that you know where we are and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Listening comprehension
Now, based on the conversation between the architect and the client, decide whether the following statements are true or false.

Tim Smith and Helen Brown had never met before.
The Browns’ purchased the site.
The plot of land is extremely large.
There are several neighbours.
The Browns’ would like at least 3 bedrooms.
There has to be cellar for technical equipment and storage.
They are currently living in a flat.
The architect is going to contact the local authorities.


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