2 Town planning

Town planning is the process of guiding the development of a community and preventing the haphazard growth of urban centres. It requires a mix of disciplines, such as civil engineering, architecture, transportation planning and much more. The intention of town planning is to satisfy the needs of today’s residents as well as future generations.

No matter where, construction work is subject to rules that have been carefully discussed and approved by a number of experts long before the planning of a project can take place. The legislation provides a framework for town or urban planners to determine the right position and mix of urban elements, for example habitation, communication, education and industry. Town planning is about the quality of the built environment, which is characterised by the following elements:

Take a look at the following diagram and drag the mouse across the various elements.

structureslayouturban structuredensitymixscaleheightmassinginterfaceappearancefacadedetailsmaterialspublic realmstreetscapemicroclimate

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