Site safety

There has been an accident on the construction site. Listen to the phone call between the contractor, Michael Stone, and Tim Smith.

Tim: Smith&Partner, how can I help you.

Michael: Hello Tim, itís Michael.

Tim: Oh, hello Michael. I wasnít expecting to hear from you until later today.

Michael: Yeah, unfortunately thereís been an accident at the construction site.

Tim: Oh no, whatís happened? I hope nobodyís injured.

Michael: Luckily, there are hopefully only a few broken bones. Let me just explain briefly so that youíre informed. Iím sure youíll be hearing from the insurance company, too.

Tim: Yes, Iím sure youíre right. So, tell me then, what happened?

Michael: The digger was just in the process of backfilling the trench for the groundwater loop when he reversed and hit the scaffolding. One section came away from the building and then collapsed. Our builder, Rob, who was working there fell between the scaffolding and the wall.

Tim: That sounds awful. So, what did you say, possibly a few broken bones?

Michael: Yes, luckily, he was wearing a helmet. So there are no head injuries. The ambulance has actually only just left. But it looks like heís fractured his left leg, and Iím sure heíll have some painful bruises.

Tim: Well, Iím pleased itís nothing too serious. Howís the driver? I bet heís in a bit of a shock.

Michael: Yes, he is actually. But itís been really hard work on site after all the rain weíve had. Everywhere is so muddy. It really was a stupid accident. Anyway, itís going to take at least a day to sort the scaffolding out before we can continue with the cladding.

Tim: I understand, of course. Letís just hope it dries up and we donít lose any more days.

Michael: The forecast looks alright for the next few days. Anyway, Iíll be in touch as soon as thereís more news.

Tim: Yes, please keep me up to date. Give my regards to Rob and the rest of the team.

Michael: Thank you, Iíll do that. Bye for now.

Tim: Speak to you later.

Every building site requires certain safety measures. Decide which of the following items are intended to prevent accidents.

A ladder to reach something higher up.
Safety shoes with steel caps.
A harness you wear when working on a sloped roof surface.
A bucket to carry water.
Fencing around an excavation pit.
Power supply with a circuit breaker.
A crane with a long jib.
A portacabin with a kettle.

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