Material properties

Different materials have different characteristics.
Complete the text by inserting the words below.

durable · sets · thermal · light · tensile · sustainable · reinforcement · flammability · compressive · transparent · non-burnable · welded . malleable . alloy . fragile

The criteria for selecting and using building materials is a complex process. Concrete, for example, has a high strength, is and very . The strength increases by adding . Concrete is before it . Steel is more suitable for structures. It is an of iron and a small amount of carbon. Structural steel can be developed into nearly any shape; these can either be bolted or in construction. Wood is considered more than concrete and steel since it regrows. Its insulation capacity is also better than that of steel and concrete. However, the of wood is often a disadvantage. Glass is the only material used in buildings. Since it is , only laminated safety glass can be used to bear loads.

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