7 Building components

In addition to the building carcass – the structural framework of the building – made up of the foundations, the interior and exterior walls and floor slabs – most developments include a roof, windows and doors, as well as staircases, which give them their characteristic look inside and outside.
The roof shape, in particular, has a significant effect on the appearance.

Drag the mouse across the following diagram to find out the names of the different roof shapes

buildingsGable roof or saddle roof with two usually identical surfaces.Mansard roof with two slopes on each side, the lower almost vertical, named after the French architect Francois Mansard (1598 – 1666).Single or mono-pitched roof with one inclined surface.A barrel roof with a semi-cylindrical section.A hip roof is similar to a gable roof except that the gables are also inclined. A flat roof with one horizontal surface.Tent roof with four identical surfaces forming a point at the top.The profile of the sawtooth roof looks like the teeth of a saw.

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