Appointing consultants

As already mentioned in "Project Basics", a project may start off fairly small but later involve a range of specialists. Among others, the client may choose to commission the following consultants.

  • Interior designer
  • Building physicist
  • Landscape architect
  • Energy consultant
  • Structural engineer
  • Building services engineer

The architect should already be thinking about the planning team during these preliminary project phases. Tim Smith has decided that he will definitely be needing the support of a structural engineer. He contacts Joe White to find out whether he might be available to take on the structural design.

Listen to the conversation.

Secretary: Good morning, White Engineers. Can I help you?

Tim: Er, yes, itís Tim Smith. Could I speak to Joe White, please?

Secretary: Yes, of course. Can I tell him the reason for your call?

Tim: Certainly. Itís about a single-family home for a client called George Brown.

Secretary: Thank you. Iíll put you through.

Secretary: Joe, Tim Smith is on the phone. Heíd like to speak to you about a single-family home for a client called George Brown. Iíll connect you.

Joe: Hello, Tim. Nice to hear from you. What can I do for you?

Tim: Hello, Joe. Well actually, Iím phoning about a new project Iím working on.

Joe: Is it a big one?

Tim: No, not really. Itís a single-family home, but the clients are interested in timber construction and would like everything spacious and open plan.

Joe: I understand. That sounds interesting.

Tim: Iíve really only just started with some sketches, but wanted to let you know that Iíll be needing some support regarding the structure. Are you available for some additional work over the next few weeks?

Joe: Well, weíre fairly busy at the moment, but Iím sure weíll be able to help you out. It would be nice to work on something other than steel and concrete.

Tim: That would be great. Iíll let the client know youíre interested and get back to you in a couple of weeks, if thatís okay.

Joe: Yes, certainly. Well, thanks for phoning Tim and I look forward to hearing from you. Bye.

Tim: Bye, bye, Joe.

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