This computer-based language course uses the planning and structural development of a single-family home to introduce technical vocabulary and revise typical phrases and useful grammar. Based on the service phases of a project and authentic situations in the everyday life of an architect and civil engineer, you will read and listen to English in the context of a design and planning process and practise the new words and structures in suitable exercises

On completion of this course, you will know some important terminology and phrases used in the context of construction work and be able to apply them to master English in spoken and written situations with other project participants during the course of a project. You will gain an insight into the technical vocabulary which arises during the various service phases and understand how it is embedded in phrases and sentences. Furthermore, you will become familiar with the difference between written and spoken English.

The following E-Learning module is an addition to the 7th edition of the book English for Architects and Civil Engineers. Like the book, the module covers the planning and structural development of a construction project. Some contents of the book are repeated; others are extended by new exercises and above all complemented by fifteen listening comprehension exercises. The full coverage of all chapters including the final multiple choice test will take approximately 4 hours.

You can either proceed through the module in an orderly fashion moving from one chapter to the next or jump in at any stage by clicking the chapter of your choice on the left. You can also use the arrows at the top of the screen to go to the next chapter or return to the last. If you interrupt your work on the module, you can simply continue wherever you stopped. The solutions to completed exercises are not saved.

You’ll find a German translation to all the words highlighted like this by simply moving the mouse across the word.

There’s a multiple choice test at the end of the module, which covers the contents of this E-learning course. It should be useful for you to see how well your technical English has improved.

Enjoy the module!

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